Votec 322 Experimental Aerobatic Plane


The Votec 322 is a very advanced design. After a long research of over 3 years i was very close to build one of the popular planes as Vans, Lancair, Europa ore similar.

During our trip to the FAA Air Venture Oshkosh in 2008, with the goal to find a replacement of our beloved Cardinal with a kitplane, we realised that the Cessna 177RG is very unlikely replaced by a kitplane. The closest in economy, ore better, are all two seaters and not very much baggage holders. Considering that we are usually heading off with two roadbikes and the whole camping gear, there is no way, you can put all this in a kitplane and still do 23 miles per gallon with 145 kts TAS.

You can take the Lancair and go way faster and also very economic but without any luggage, ore go 130 TAS with the europa also on a very good mileage and take baggage with as well but no bikes included.

So you‘re left out with the Vans. There is good speed for aerobatic and, as long as you stay with the two seater, good milage as well.

Go with the 4 seater and there is no more nice miles per gallon they are all below 18 MpG ore even worse.

So we keep the Cardinal and take the full option on the other side of the scale - the Votec 322.

320 horsepower and full +10G & -10G there is no compromise in this plane.

If you know the background of the constructor its no surprise. This is the F1 of the aerobatic planes. Same league like the EDGE 540 the Extra 300L and so on.

After one flight of 25 minutes it was clear,  do not compromise in sport so if i wanna start doing sport in a plane, then this is the way to go!


Innovativ planes are not for sell only to build

After a long period of evaluation i still think that owing a IFR rated Cardinal and a Votec 322 is the best of both sides of the single engine market.

Superb cruise and room for travel in the Cardinal, and having fun in aerobatics take the Votec 322.

I only got life once, so why doing some half things. I never did before, so why should i start now?